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Hello Stone Skippers!

Welcome to the Stone Skipping blog. News and information changes as fast as as stone can skip these days. Our blog is a great place for the raving fans to share Events, News and Stories/Memories about the grand old sport of stone skipping. Feel like penning something here read our About page to learn how easy it is to ‘Comment’ or ‘Contribute’ as a regular writer. Or just click on the heading of any...

2008 Tournament featured on NBC's Today show

This years tournament will be featured on NBC’s Today Show on July 3rd (8:30 am) with an an interview with the editor of Travel & Leisure Magazine. The story is about fun things happening on the July 4th around the country. When footage is available we will post it to the site.

2008 Wilmer T. Rabe Stone Skipping Tournament

The 39th annual tournament will be held once again July 4th on Mackinac, Island, MI, USA.  The tournament is open to all ages and always occurs at Windermere Pointe Beach (Located next to Iroquois Hotel)  every year at 10:00 am on the 4th of July. Professional skippers compete at high noon, often skipping 20+ skips.