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43rd Annual Stone Skipping Tournament Count Down

In less than 72 hours the Beach at Windemere Point will be filled with Stone Skippers. The forecast calls for beautiful yet chilly weather this year.  The event will be broadcast live this year on so if you cannot make it out check it out online or watch it here.  The pros are scouring the hills for just the right stones and the fudge shops are brimming with young skippers. The Tournament is open to the public...

Live Broadcast of 43rd Tournament

Cannot make it to the Island this year? No problem, join us live this year on July 3rd (throughout  the day) and July 4th (10am to 1PM) Watch live video from mackinacislandstoneskip on

Kelli Rogers Official 2011 Gerplunking Judge

Kelli Rodgers has been appointed to position of ‘Gerplunking’ judge for the 2011 tournament, while Doc Crane is on Sabbatical this year.  As the daughter of Judge Ransom Kelly has a long history of jurisprudence.  Kelli has been tested in accordance with the standards as  set forth by the committee and has demonstrated her knowledge of the K_plunk Phenomenon… We welcome her keen ear and jubilant spirit as...