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15 young Gerplunkers contested for glory …

With clear blue sky and sparkling blue water, 15 young Gerplunkers contested for glory July 4th on the famous Windemere Beach of Mackinac Island.

Gerplunking is an important part of the Mackinac Island Stone Skipping event as Stone Skipping is but one of the more advanced forms of Gerplunking.

Kirby “Fully Loaded” Berke and Colin “C-Man” Lacy tied for first place with a 8.9 overall average score after the required 5 plunks.  After all competition had ended, the tie score required a  “Plunk-off” to determine the winner.

During the “Plunk-off” stones were tossed one-at-a-time, alternating between the contestants.  After calculating the totals, a scant .38 difference proved Colin “C-Man” Lacy the winner, and allowed him to claim top honors.

The award was a necklace created from a Mackinac Island Beach Stone that had developed a natural hole.  It was secured to an attractive lanyard by means of a silver band.

Congratulations to all of these fine Plunkers:

Results of the July 4, 2009 Mackinac Island Gerplunking Contest

C-Man Lacy Kentucky 8.9  Plunk-off winner
Fully Loaded Berke Colorado 8.9
Luigi Dude Orf Florida 8.8
Cannonball Dara Michigan 8.6
Giggles Piskie Michigan 8.6
A-Man Hauser Michigan 8.0
Bumper Berke Montana 7.9
Izzy Lacy Kentucky 7.6
George Stewart Michigan 7.6
Nate the Great Felix Indiana 7.5
E.V. Kolinski Michigan 7.4
Peanut Lynch Illinois 7.2
Lilly Felix Indiana 6.9
E. Chance Michigan 6.7
L.B. Pickering Cayman Islands 6.3

Judging, Stats and Report Courtesy of ,

Doc Crain

2 Responses to “15 young Gerplunkers contested for glory …”

  1. Skippy says:

    While attending the Glen Allen Open Tourney this year, a man calling himself “Fast Eddie” from Port Huron, came up to me and asked about how he could get into the W.T.Rabe Pro-Invitational. I advised him that the best way to make that Event is to win the Open Tournament, and hope the Judges invite you. Not all pro’s are invited every year, because the field is limited. Typically, an Open winner is invited the following two years, depending on the size of that field. Non-invited pro’s compete in the Open Event almost every year, making that event dificult to win. Then “Fast Eddie” asked, How do I determine if I’m worthy of being a Pro? The answer is simple… If you can skip a 20+ in two-foot rollers, then you’ve got the right stuff.
    Everyone knows the waters at Mackinac are very challenging, and are perhaps the most dificult in the world for tournament play. Which explains why crowds gather there, to watch the Pro’s compete.
    It is spectacular!

  2. Papaw says:

    C-Man was the Real-Man at the He-Man contest of rock plunking, wasn’t he?

    Congratulations to C-Man Lacy!!!

    And a big fine congratulations to Dizzy Izzy, too!

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