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2008 Wilmer T. Rabe Stone Skipping Tournament

The 39th annual tournament will be held once again July 4th on Mackinac, Island, MI, USA.  The tournament is open to all ages and always occurs at Windermere Pointe Beach (Located next to Iroquois Hotel)  every year at 10:00 am on the 4th of July. Professional skippers compete at high noon, often skipping 20+ skips.

2 Responses to “2008 Wilmer T. Rabe Stone Skipping Tournament”

  1. Arnold says:

    I was at todays stone skipping contest that i saw on the today show and did we ever have fun where in the world was Matt Lauer

  2. James says:

    Love seeing that the tourny is not only still running, but in great hands!

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