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2009 Wilmer T. Rabe Competition Results

Gerplunking – Youngster Division:
Kirby ‘Fully Loaded’ Berke & Colin ‘C-Man’ Lacy Tied with 2 scores of 8.9 and had to go to a ‘plunk-off’ to break the tie. Colin ‘C-Man’ Lacy took the title with a scant .38 difference.  Check out Doc’s full report here.

Skipping – Pebbles 12 & under Division:
Ethan ‘Iron Man’ Hauser out of East Lansing, MI Skipped a 16

Skipping – Amateur Division:
Alistair “Barrel Maker” Cooper from Helensburgh, Scotland Skipped two 23s to beat out Will “Wildman” Callewaerts single skip of 23.

Skipping – Pro Division:
Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars held his title and Skipped a winning 28.  Right on his heels was Nate ‘Dogg’ Rango age 20 and Island favorite Todd ‘Mussles’ Calleweart both with a best skip of 26. Check out the pros score card here.

Crowd favorite ‘Hard Luck’ Loy has not won in years but matched last years personal best of 23 and finished in 6th place.  Fans have suggested that he should spend more time with his wife ‘Good Luck’ Loy in 2009 to up his chances in 2010.

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