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2010 Gerplunking Contest

Wow, what a year! 31 contestants competed in the Gerplunking Contest. The prize, as in years past, was a beautiful pendant necklace made of a stone with a natural hole worn through it found on Mackinac Island by our Gerplunking Judge, Doc Crain.

The 2010 winner, with a fantastic score of 9.1, was Rachel “Rockslide” Greer from Grand Haven, Michigan. We had our youngest contestant ever—age 16 months—this year. Congratulations to all the kids—great job…see you next time! Keep gerplunking!

Check out the gerplunking photo gallery here.

2010 Contest Results

Rachel “Rockslide” 9.10
Elsa “The Cheese” 8.88
Elizabeth “Lizzie” 8.72
Michael “Matrix” 8.56
Emma “M&M” 8.56
James “Guitar Man” 8.54
Ansley “Princess Ansley” 8.42
Kristina “Honeybun” 8.38
Joe “Lightning” 8.36
Josh “Cool Guy” 8.34
Isabell “The Incredible” 8.30
Carson “Cannonball” 8.10
Imari “Nicole” 8.00
Gabriel “Gaber Daber” 7.50
Randy “Rhonda” 7.50
Opal “Roxie” 7.48
Morgan “Morgo” 7.40
Ethan “Eager Dog” 7.40
Ethan “The E” 7.34
Avari “Cindy Lou” 7.28
John “Big Dog” 7.28
Skylar “Lady Gaga” 7.24
Olivia “Juju” 7.16
Lily “Longarm” 7.16
August “Augs” 7.08
Isabel “Ballerina” 7.06
Adam “Something Boy” 6.78
Matthew “Mighty Man” 6.46
Logan “Wolverine” 6.46
Ryan “Cheeseburger” 5.48
Freya “Gorgeous” 3.20

Report Courtesy of Judge Doc Crane

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