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2010 Results


Another fantastic day of stone skipping had 567 1/2 in attendance to watch and participate in this years event.  World renowned Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars who won the Pro division with an impressive skip of 30. Second place went to Todd ‘Mussels’ Callewaert with a 26 skip & rounding out 3rd was Glenn ‘Hard Luck’ Loy with a 22 skip.

The open  was won by Max ‘Batman’ Steiner with 24 skips beating out old rivals Will ‘Wildman’ Calleweart and Adam ‘The Hammer’ Eyman.  In the Pebbles division Trent ‘Dixe’ Dara skipped  a 16.  The Gerplunking division was won by Rachel ‘Rockslide’ Greer with a 9.1.

For a detailed look at the scores check out the 2010 Box Scores

Check out the 2010 photo galleries to see what you missed.

Other News:

  • Jordan ‘The Wave’ Ingram announced he may retire at the end of the year.
  • John ‘Skippy’ Kolar may have lost his sponsor [“BEER Chips”].
  • Grant ‘HOT Dog’ Mitchel Wichita Kansas, did not perform well under the pressure, but his girlfriend still thinks he’s cute.  His entire family attended.
  • The Governors Trophy [a new award] I believe was given to the First gentleman …
  • Eric ‘The Voice’ Steiner acted as High Commissioner in Pauls absence.
  • Winter Rules Committee received a petition to ban the use of the specified Oil City Stones [a.k.a. “Slicker” or “Oily” stone].   In light of the recent BP oil spill, the ban will probably pass. Comments are welcomed.

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