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45th Annual Tournament is only 3 days away.

The 45th MISS&GC annual stone skipping tournament is nearly upon us.  At least 10 Stone Skipping greats are en route for the annual tournament.  Kurt ‘Mountain Man’ Steiner is returning to challenge long time winner Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars for this years title. The professional division field will be fierce this year with Hard Luck, Skippy, Mussels, Juice, Air-tight-Alibi, Batman, Chompers and Treetops all returning to claim victory.

As always everyone is invited to compete in the 3 open Divisions

  1. 12 and under and
  2. 13 and over categories.
  3. Gerplunking will also remain an option for those ‘skip challenged’ contenders.
    Note there is no age limitations in the Gerplunking division.

Admissions remain at $3/skipper or the family friendly 2 for $5.

Judging begins at 10:00 am sharp for the public and ends at noon so that the Professionals can skip into the history books.

Mike Piskie – Acting High Commissioner of Stone Skipping.

One Response to “45th Annual Tournament is only 3 days away.”

  1. Kurt MountainMan Steiner says:

    (Okay okay noon. I get it. I said I’d BE there. I never promised mental competency…)

    Always great to see everyone. My own fault I didn’t get to talk shop with the full crew. I found solace in two things, however.

    First: Thank you Mike, for the Lasting Contribution award. And to whomever was involved in that decision. Fair warning: It’s dangerous to encouraged me lol!

    Second: Thanks, Hard Luck, for hanging out! I honestly forget that July 4th isn’t just Stoneskipper Congregation Day. A lot of people have said, “That’s a long way to travel, just to throw stones…”

    No it isn’t! If I get a chance to chat and skip with the guys who’ve been there all along — that’s a privilige! That’s why I come.

    I was almost afraid I wouldn’t get even that much, coming in late. I had 50 pounds of quality Lake Erie shale that I planned to share. Everyone had scattered quick except Hard Luck and Treetop, and they were starting to move.

    “Hey Loy – I have all these nice stones, and I didn’t drive 12 hours not to skip them. You want to go down to the beach.” He vacillated about two seconds, but the stones got him! Treetop, too. Ah – it’s good to see another as helpless as myself! We cleared a heavy bucket. Thanks again.

    See you next time.

    Excellent work by Max, btw. I know I haven’t been to MI for a while, but those throws were orders of magnitude stronger than I last observed!

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