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“the Masters of Stone Skipping” less than 2 weeks a way

Hard to believe the MISS&GC, the Oldest College of Stone Skipping Jurisprudence, will be hosting our 46th annual stone skipping tournament.

What:  Stone skipping tournament open to everyone in attendance on Mackinac Island. There are 4 divisions :

  1. Pebbles Division – 12 and under
  2. Open Division – 13 and up* Top 3 open divisions participants will have a skip off to see who will be invited to the pros this year.
  3. Professional Invitational Division – Former open winners, Guinness  book skippers, Franklin PA champions
  4. Kerplunking Division – The best sounding kerplunk is open to all attendees

When/Where: Always July 4th 9am to 1PM on Windemere beach (beach seen when entering harbor on the left adjacent to Iroquois Hotel)

How to win: 

  • Find or bring 6 stones, register, find a judge and skip your stones.
  • Winner is determined by the greatest number of skips per stone.   If there is a Tie, then it goes to the second best stone and so on, until all

    six stones are counted.

  • You could win a years supply of Ryba’s Fudge or an invitation to skip with the Pros.

3 Responses to ““the Masters of Stone Skipping” less than 2 weeks a way”

  1. paul fero says:

    Is the open competition, 6strait throws, or a “round robin”; each contestant throws once, waits for their turn to come around, and then throws again, six times?

  2. Mike Piskie says:

    Paul both the 12 and under and 13 and up divisions have 1 judge for each competitor.
    After the judges reviews your stones for authenticity you skip them 1 at a time until all 6 are skipped.
    Since the pros have all of the judges counting at one time that division skips in a ’round robin’ fashion.

    Hope to see you on the beach.

  3. Adam says:

    What are the limitations on the stone’s material? Could it be made of concrete or glass?

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