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46th Annual Stone skipping contest only 1 month from today

The 46th Annual MISS&GC stone skipping competition is nearly upon us. Invitations are going out to the professional bracket and kids and parents are loosening up their arms in preparation for the annual event.

As always we will have 3 brackets this year along with ‘kerplunking’ for the little ones.  The event of course is always on the 4th of July at Windemere point and starts promptly at 10:00 am and is open to everyone.  The 12 and under and the 13 and over brackets will skip 6 stones between 10 and noon and the professional bracket will start skipping at noon.

Look forward to seeing you all in the beach this year.  Click here to see the detailed event schedule for this year.

One Response to “46th Annual Stone skipping contest only 1 month from today”

  1. Mike "Airtight Alibi" Williamson says:

    See you on the Island.Can’t wait,grub,gerplunking,and skipping stones,on the 3rd coast.

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