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Announcing the 2011 Professional Skippers

The MISS&GC has formally announced the 2011 Professional Division skippers.   There are plenty of Guinness Book Record Holders amongst the competitors.  History has shown that past wins hardly matter when it comes time to skip.  The longstanding Kolar brotherly rivalry will be  joined this year by the next generation of family competition.  The Steiner Brothers Mike “Chompers” and Max “Bat-man” will compete in their first head to head battle in the professional Division.

Status Order # Skippers of Record Credentials
IN 1 Russ “RockBottom” Byars Curr. Guinness W.C.
IN 2 John “Skippy” Kolar Guinness W.C.
IN 3 Todd “Mussels” Callewaert Open, Pro Inv. Champ
Pending 4 David “Lefty” Kolar Open, Pro Inv. Champ
IN 5 Glen “Hard Luck” Loy Guinness W.C.
IN 6 Mike”Chomper” Steiner Open
IN 7 Max”Bat-man” Steiner Open
IN 8 Bill “Treetop” Cawood Open


One Response to “Announcing the 2011 Professional Skippers”

  1. Airtight alibi says:

    Looking forward to throwing with the pro’s this year.

    Mike “Airtight Alibi” Williamson

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