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Another great day at the beach – July 4th, 2009

The offical 4oth Stone Skipping event has come and gone but the memories linger on. The weather was fantastic with clear blue skies 70 degree temperatures and a slight breeze.  The water was cold and the skippers were hot.


Rubbing elbows with a legend.
Rubbing elbows with a legend.
  • Gerplunking had its first ‘Plunk off’.  Doc is reviewing beach photos to verify the winner and will post his findings soon.
  • Brotherly Rivalry cost one brother dinner for 20 at the Grand. Two brothers, one from Illinois, one from Michigan needed to break a 15 skip tie with a one stone skip off.  The boy from Illinois skipped a meager 3 yet his brother, complaining about wave conditions, only manged to skip a paltry 2. Who says sibling rivalry doesn’t pay?
  • Everyone on beach enjoyed seeing the Governor and her family participating in the fun.

  • The amateur division had a number of international competitors.  A mystery man from the Netherlands led the competition with an impressive 23 until a kilt wearing scott skipped 23 twice to take the coveted Little David trophy.  It was a tough decision for amateur winner Alistair Cooper on whether to take the fudge prize or compete with the pros. In hindsight the fudge might have been a better decision.  Alistair vowed to return in 2010 as long as his commitments as a professional calendar model permit.

    Skipping with Passion

    Skipping with Passion

  • The pros demonstrated they were pros with all competitors skipping at least 21, two skips of 26, two skips of 24 and two skips of 23.  Nate ‘Dogg’ Rango, last years open winner proved that today’s youth is prepared to take on the old school veterans.  He  was in second place with 26. Hard Luck Loy is looking for his fans to suggest a new and improved handle for 2010. In the end it was Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars taking the lead with a solid skip of 28.
  • There were several requests to have the Stone Skipping shirts available year round. The T-Shirt shady is looking into providing an email address or web page for folks to buy shirts online.
  • Michael ‘Chompers’ Steiner had to leave immediately following the tournament to skip on the pond in front of one of the Vegas casinos on July 5th. (Mike we need an update)

If you have any other first, second or third hand information to share about this years event please click on ‘comments’ or ‘leave a comment’  to add your 2 cents.

As always photos are welcome and can be sent to (if not too big).

2 Responses to “Another great day at the beach – July 4th, 2009”

  1. Russ Byars says:

    Great weather, great people and great competition.
    Like it’s not hard enough against “skippy” going under the dock and Todd “Mussels” slinging rockets.
    Everyone was throwing good and the new comers Nate and Alistair there is gonna be a whole lot of shakin going on in the Pro division. It was a blast as usual to see everyone again and the spectators and participants were the best. What a great event and thanks to all the people who work hard to put this together, you efforts show. So good to see the high commish “Paul” back. Thanks again for the priviledge to be a part of the stone skipping world.
    Russ “Rock Bottom” Byars

  2. Alistair "Barrelmaker" Cooper says:

    I just knew I’d be slammed as a foreigner on July 4th?! How does throwing the 3rd highest total in the pro division suggest I should have taken the fudge?!!! I thought I put in a decent first-time showing for a competition virgin! I will return to silence these unruly critics – there’s just pleasing some people!



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