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Danish Tournament July 22, 2010 – Tisvildeleje Strand

Tisvildeleje Strand

Tisvildeleje Strand - Photo by Jesper og Pernille

Danish stone skipping is alive and well according to Mads Vind Ludvigsen in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Check out is ‘Danish’ report below.

“What a fantastic site! Thank you so much for making it!

I’m an artist from Denmark and I like to make social events, including stone skipping contests!

I’ve arranged a contest on the 22nd of july, 2010, 8PM -at a beach called Tisvildeleje Strand.

To my limited knowledge, there’s no danish skipping associations or annual competitions existing in Denmak today. I was gobsmacked to find this information on your site today:

”Smutklubben AF 1948:

Founded in Copenhagen by Carl Weinholdt, world champion 1957 to 1976.

Exclusive little smut club for stone skippers.” Wow… I looked it up on danish google and found nothing… Maybe it’s on microfilm in the library.. Thank you for that info!!!

But since no one is making these events now a days, I decided to call my event ”The National Danish Skipping Championships” -why not?

I have made a small film called ‘SKIPPER’ + a book with precise pencil drawings of natural stones found on my childhood Island, Als, a small, frog-shaped one, at the foot of the main peninsula, Jutland.

Here’s a list of future skipping aspirations:

  • I have taken it upon me to undertake a massive, obsessive investigation into finding the perfect shape for a manufactured skipping stone. I have already produced quite a few proto types and currently I’m waiting for the results from a professional ceramist, who took interest in my project and directions in the shaping of the stone. 6 new types are all cooling down in a ceramic oven as we speak!
  • A few days ago I founded a new facebook group, called: THE SKIPPING STONE ASSOCIATION, where I will upload all my findings, such as: footage, poetry, litterature, interesting links, history, physics behind skipping etc etc etc.

This was BEFORE I bumped into this wonderful site/goldmine of skipping information of yours! It must have been created quite recently?

-I find the act of skipping stones extremely interesting, seen from an artistic point of view. It’s such a ‘waste of time’ and at the same time it is as important as it can get!

  • I keep thinking of new ways to use skipping in my art: skipping-choreography with multiple skippers or skeet shooting devices placed around a round small lake or ‘arena’.
  • Skipping in the dark with fluorescent stones!
  • To film Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars, skipping one of my stones!

The list goes on and on. How do I sign up for the annual championships in Franklin, Pennesylvania? What’s your opinion on manufactured stones in general (I know they’re not allowed at the contest)? Will stone skipping ever find its way to the olympics? If you like, you are very welcome to visit my facebook group. In fact, I’d be extremely grateful if you did!

Again, thank you for making this site!”

Yours sincerely –  Mads Vind Ludvigsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Questions about the July 22nd  tournament contact Mads at

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