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July 4th, 2013 Official Gerplunking Contest Report

We couldn’t have picked more perfect conditions for the Official Mackinac Island 2013 Gerplunking Contest. The sun was peaking out from behind the clouds keeping the heat away. The lake level was low allowing for contestants to retrieve choice rocks that normally would be hidden. But most importantly, the straits of Mackinac were unusually calm – perfect conditions for the judges to hear every gerplunking sound in great detail, no distractions.

(Left to Right) Judge Kimberly Smiley, Charlsie, Tallulah T-Bone, Judge Sarah Marx-ingram

(Left to Right) Judge Kimberly Smiley, Charlsie, Tallulah T-Bone, Judge Sarah Marx-ingram

Out of 100’s of entries from people across the United States, just 3 tough competitors rose to the top; Tallulah “T-Bone”, Charlsie (runner-up from 2012), and JayBird.

Leading up to their first and final throws, all 3 contestants practiced relentlessly until they perfected their techniques. Tallulah “T-Bone” kicked off the tournament, going with a large rock, which was easily equal to her own weight. She chose to launch it just few feet out in to the shallow area of Lake Michigan. Totally stunning the judges, the sound was undeniably a perfect 10. The first 10 of the tournament.

Jaybird opted to throw mid morning, making sure the wind didn’t pick up before he was to go, while Charlsie waited ‘til just before tournament close to throw, spending time studying each of the other contestants techniques. In the end, both Jaybird and Charlsie had similar techniques and opted for smaller stones, throwing them in to deeper water for a perfect score.

That momentous day, both small and big rock approaches proved to be effective.

At 11:45am, just 15 minutes before the pros were to skip, the judges announced a 3-way tie. The judges panel gathered around and determined a Gerplunk-off was in order. At that time, only Charlsie and T-Bone were present. It was said that Jaybird got distracted by the smells of sweet fudge, horses and taffy on Main Street and was last seen near a horse and buggy outside of the Iroquois hotel.

Knowing the tournament must go on, T-Bone and Charlsie were asked to pick a final stone to throw for the tie-breaker. One by one when the time was right, they launched their rocks in to the Mackinac straits. To Tallulah T-Bone’s dismay Charlsie came out on top with another perfect 10, Tallulah finishing close behind with a 9.

At approximately 12-noon, Charlsie was awarded the official 2013 Gerplunking Tournament trophy. Since Jaybird arrived after the Gerplunk-off, the judges declared that Tallulah and Jaybird tie for second place. They both received a consolation prize of an Official Tournament Gerplunking Visor.

Over all, it was a great tournament and successful day. We look forward to seeing our 3 winners return in 2014 to compete again!


Your Officlal 2014 Gerplunking Judges

Sarah Marx Ingram and Kimberly Smiley

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