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Kickstarter Documentary on Stoneskipping – Help us record this important history.

The zen art of stone skipping meets the competitive nature of mankind in this feature-length documentary.

Set in the world of professional stone skipping, this film will examine the competitive nature of mankind. World Records will be tested, rivalries will fester, and a sport will rise from the ashes of obscurity.

Competitive stone skipping in the Golden Age.

Competitive stone skipping in the Golden Age.

The idea was born on Memorial Day 2014 outside Austin, TX.  Directors Ryan Seitz and Daniel Skaggs were celebrating with friends on a secluded lake. Beers were flowing, stones were skipping and things got competitive. Eventually the thought materialized, “What if people skipped stones competitively?”

After a quick Google search, we discovered that competitive stone skipping is surprisingly a global phenomenon. These men and women take this simple past time to a mind blowing and professional level.

Fueled by curiosity we reached out to the current Guinness World Record holder. With his blessing and words of wisdom, we had found our next project.

Current Guinness World Record Holder Russ "Rock Bottom"Byars (Left) and former record holder Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner (Right).
Current Guinness World Record Holder Russ “Rock Bottom”Byars (Left) and former record holder Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner (Right).

Over the last six weeks, the Highway Goats have been filming in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York State capturing the backbone of our story.  We have been fortunate enough to gain access to Russ “Rock Bottom” Byars (who holds the current record with 51 skips) and former record holder Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner. Their rivalry has endured thirteen years of grueling competition. With the next generation of skippers hot on their trail, Russ and Kurt race feverishly to raise the bar and cement their places in the history books.

"Mountain Man" explains the physics of stone skipping.
“Mountain Man” explains the physics of stone skipping.

Your donations will go toward the numerous production expenses that we encounter. Travel, lodging, hard drives, camera equipment, audio mastering, festival submissions, and the unforeseeable are just a few to mention.  Making a movie is not cheap. We shoot and edit everything ourselves, travel expenses across America are on the rise and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Visit us on Kickstarter to see how you can help and what you will receive for your donation.

3 Responses to “Kickstarter Documentary on Stoneskipping – Help us record this important history.”

  1. Kevin Waltham says:


    It might be interesting to feature the alternative version of the sport competed for in the UK and Europe. Here in the UK we use distance, and not the number of skips (minimum of 3) to decide the winning margin. My PB was 105 meters but at the same a guy skimmed 117 meters, we have our own World championship for this held each year in Scotland with people coming from all over the world to compete. It might make an interesting addition to the film to include this and possibly have an event to see how the 2 different sides of the skimming/skipping world would fair against each other.



  2. Paul Crabtree says:

    Good idea Kev. T’wuld be truly international. Perhaps we should raise a team and get over the pond!See you at Easdale.

  3. kurt steiner says:

    Thanks for that info Kev! I also have skipped 105m, and thought I must be in contention for a record at that distance. But 117? I’ll have to step it up lol

    MountainMain Steiner

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