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2015 Results – Dog Pound Barks Strays into Victory

Facing elimination, a young man named Nate-Dogg Rango snarls his way to the top of the pile in the 47th annual Rabe Pro-Invitational on Mackinac Island this July 4th 2015.  In a year where Retired Circus Fleas were finally permitted to enter the event [WRC], the lead was established early in the first chukkar by Mussels Callewaert with skips of 17 and 22.   Current Guinness record holder Kurt Mountain-man Steiner was close behind with a skip of 20, but Nate-dogg chased the milk man away in his last chukkar with a solid 25 skipper.   Nate’s fan club [aka da-dog-pound] howled in the back ground, while Nate danced a Cujo version of “Shake-it-off” to remove any remaining fleas.  He claimed the prized Grand Hotel Goblets stuffed with $100 in Prize money.


Defending champion James Air-tight Alibi Williamson could not find his groove as the waves washed-out many of his well placed throws, in challenging conditions.  It was a warm 75 degree and sunny day, with light to moderate chop.




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