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Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars – Sighted on annual MISS&GC Pilgrimage

Skips Stones for Fudge

Skips Stones for Fudge

Russ ‘Rock Bottom’ Byars Sighting – Russ has been spotted in Ohio on his 2000 mile pilgrimage from Pennsylvania to Mackinac.  His famous “Skip stones for fudge” shirt quickly identified him as the Guiness World Record holder (i.e. 51 skips). He has been seen carrying 2 large buckets along his route. Although the buckets were covered they are suspected to contain stones for the upcoming tournament.

So far he has had only one brush with the law. The reports indicate that after staying a local Motel 6 he tried to pay for his room with fudge he claimed was fresh from Mackinac Island. Since the proprietor was allergic to nuts and deemed his claim of ‘fresh’ a little dubious they declined his offer. When local authorities arrived on the scene the world record holder generously autographed a few stones for the men in blue and continued his trek.

It is hard to believe that Russ walks all the way from PA to MI each year but he claims that “The best skipping stones are collected along the road of life.”

If anyone else spots him along his trek please keep his raving fans up to date.


Raving Stone Skipping Fan – Ohio USA

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  1. Mario says:

    Hello there in USA…..were two young men from Germany and we really like skipping Stones…we´ve seen the worldrekord video on youtube and the other “learning” video…know we have to know:where can we buy this glasstones or what it is!!…..please help us…´s really important for us…….big thank´s from Mario & Mario

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