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Stone Skipping 2009 – Come out and skip

I can hardly believe two weeks from today we will be on Windemere beach skipping stones.  Thanks to a lot of digging in the archives we have been able to verify that indeed this will be the 4oth anniversary tournament.

News from ‘Mussles’ Calleweart is that the weather is sunny, beautiful and the in 70’s this week.  Since the 4th falls on Saturday this year we are expecting a record crowd on the beach.

No news yet on how many Guiness World Record holders will be skipping this year although it is rumored that at least 3 possibly 4 will be there.

One Response to “Stone Skipping 2009 – Come out and skip”

  1. Henry 'Giggles' Piskie says:

    Now that I am 3 3/4 years old I am so excited that I am old enough to go to Mackinac Island this year. I cannot wait to ride the ferry.

    When told by my brother that there was fudge on the island I told him “I think that I will love the fudge.”

    Daddy tells me I will make a great stone skipping judge this year. I have started collecting my stones and am looking forwward to the kersplashing competition.

    My brother has been wearing his stone skipping t-shirt almost every day now. I hope to get one for me this year.


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