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Stone Skipping 2010

The July 4th, 2010 tournament is nearly upon us.  The pros have been polishing their stones and alerting the media of their pending arrival.  The tournament falls on a Sunday this year so we expect a record turn out.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the Open tournament and the 13 and under tournament. Hope to see you on the beach.

2 Responses to “Stone Skipping 2010”

  1. Martin Longley says:

    Can’t wait to see the PA favorite Grant Mitchell perform. Heard he’s been training really hard in the off-season and is back looking for another victory.


  2. Jimmy Beach says:

    Grant Mitchell – there’s a kid that came outta no where. In all my years following stone skipping never thought I’d see a mere mortal take down Russ. Was reading about the PA tourney. Medical student huh? What are they teaching doctors these days? I’ll tell you – character. Any boy who’s got the stones to take out the big guy can do an exam on my stones any day.

    Jimmy B

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