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The 49th Annual International Stone Skipping Event

Scheduled for the 4th of July 2017 on the Windermere Beaches of Mackinac Island located in the straights of the Great Lakes region.   All are welcomed to attend, and there are various events for the whole family.   Registration opens at 9am on the beach, and the individual classifications begin about 9:30 am.   Spectating is free.   Anyone [all ages] can enter the OPEN Tourney, just bring six [6] natural, untreated stones to the registration desk pay the small entrance fee [donation to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation] and they will direct you.   There is also the Pebbles Event for ages 12 and under, again each contestant is allowed six [6] stones.  And there is also the Gerplunking Event for the smallest of children only requires three [3] stones, where the object is to make a good “Gerplunk” sound achieved by dropping the stone into the straights.
Each of these Events will end about 11:30 am, when the Wilmer T. Rabe Pro-Invitational will begin.    The M.I.S.S. & G.C. Mid-Winter Rules Committee [WRC] recognizes a fierce competition amongst the top Pro’s in this elite sport.  Topping the list are several of the current and recent Guinness World Champions;  Defending 2016 Pro Champion Dave Lefty Kolar, Recent Guinness record holders Russ Rock-Bottom Byar’s & Max “Top-Gun” Steiner, as well as current Guinness World Record holder Kurt Mountain-man Steiner.
The Annual Press Banquet will be held as usual on the 3rd at the Mackinac Island Yatch Club [MIYC] reservations required….


2 Responses to “The 49th Annual International Stone Skipping Event”

  1. Z. says:

    Wow! that was a great day, thanks for letting me skip, I got a 14. How do I get into the Pro division?

  2. Mike Piskie says:

    Easiest way to get into the pros is to win the Amateur division. Typically the amateurs skip in the low 20s for a win 8).

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