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Welsh Open Stoneskimming Championships – 5-25-14

Unlike Bog Snorkelling, almost everyone has skimmed a stone at some stage of their life. “Ducks & Drakes” for the British; “Ricochets” for the French & “Letting the Frogs out” for the Ukrainians are just a few of the names for the game played in almost every Country in the World. But it is now more than just a game: This simple pastime has developed into two distinct branches of a competitive Sport.

welshstoneskippingThe America discipline is termed “Stone Skipping” and has the object of achieving the maximum number of “bounces”, whereas the British & European version “Stoneskimming” is concerned with the distance achieved. Both have their “World Championships”. In the States it has been held for many years on Mackinac Island, Michigan, and here in Europe, now in its 15th year, on the Island of Easdale, Scotland.

Sponsored by the Heart of Wales Brewery, Llanwrtyd Wells.

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