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– A –


A stone that hits a person, Judge or bystander.

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Brown liquor rule:

See, high commissioner for details
Banquet, awards, press, annual:
The grand hotel hosts the annual press and awards banquet at the ‘jockey club’.  Typically held in the days before the tournament to present prior year awards and commendations.

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The front terrace of Sam McIntyre’s Iroquois hotel serves as the judge’s stand, registrar’s desk, and the communications center for the annual tournaments. It is also the clubhouse for elite spectators and one of the few establishments so close to a major sporting event (e.g. The Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis 500, etc.), which doesn’t raise its prices for the event. Refreshments are served dockside at no extra cost. The hotel also supplies the signal flags which spell out: Mackinac Island stone skipping and gerplunking club, sponsors of the open stone skip- ping tournament and Sonny Eliot masters Invitational.

Clear the bucket:

Shoot the last stones of a six-stone set.


In reference to scoring.  A “rude” assortment of pitty-pats and plinkers.

Copenhagen Tournaments:

See Denmark tournaments.

Cresting out:

Rock hits wave top and takes high angle course with slight rebound. Not a plonk.

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Denmark Tournaments:

Sponsored by social-demokraten newspaper, now re-named Aktuelt. In Sydhavnen (the south harbour), Copenhagen, always in September, “the best month for Smut.” first tournament, 1947, won by Carl Weinholdt, with 13 smut.
Likewise in 1948, with 17 smut. In 1957 Weinholdt set a world’s record of 21 smut, which was to stand until 1975. Five judges testified to this score. The tournament is no longer held.
See “smut”.

Detroit press Club, North:

Press center and head-quarters for the MISS&GC and Tournaments, open and masters. Windemere Hotel, Mackinac Island, Mich. 49757. Or other such location, a traditional Establishment, as determined by the MISS&GC.

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Gerplunking (or Geplunking, eastern):

Children’s form of stone skipping. Dropping rock into water with resulting sound “gerplunk.” Earlier included in tournament but never successfully scored.

Golden year, the:

A generally accepted reference to the 1975 MISS&GC open tournament when
Seven contestants broke the previous world’s record: Rodger B. Williams, Glenn A. Loy, jr., and Todd Callewaert, each with 22; James Ohlinger, David Bogen and Bob Grayson, with 23, and Warren Klope with 24. In the far east this is known as “the year of the smooth stone.”

– I – top

“let he…Who is without frisbee cast the first stone”

Traditional cry by Cmdr. E.M. Tellefson, U.S.N. (ret.) To open the annual Mackinac Island July 4 Tournaments of the MISS&GC. Prof. Lou ward of Lake Superior state college’s English faculty has been petitioning the winter rules committee to change this to: “let him who is with- out…” but this has been decried by members as “effete.”

Little David trophy:

Large rock awarded to Winner of Mackinac open. Must be carried from island to validate winning and
Qualify for year’s fudge supply.

– M – top

Masters: The Sonny Eliot masters invitational.

Winner receives Sonny Eliot boulder trophy and 13 month’s supply of Ryba’s Fudge mailed monthly. (professional stone skippers defy superstition.)


Norwegian, for stone skipping; i.e. Mother, father, sister, brother. Norwegians aim to make a score of four, “nelja,” which is a mystic number.

– O – top


The Mackinac Island open tournament. “Open” to professionals as well as amateurs. Winner receives Little David trophy and year’s supply of Ryba’s fudge, four pounds mailed each Month for 12 months.

– P – top


(hyphen added) short skips at end of run with light water showing between.

Play the fudge:

Play more for the year’s supply of fudge than for the sport.  Some would prefer not to see the fudge prize “as it spoils the amateur standing,” but others enthusiastically vote for the fudge year after year at the annual winter rules committee meeting.


A clean cut skip, usually at head of a run; heavy water shows between hops.


A stone that sinks on first hit of run.

Plonk out:

The act of throwing a plonk.

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A single stone skip sequence, generally composed of pitty-pats and plinkers.

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Score for the pound:

To set a new top score for the day and thus win a pound of Mackinac Island fudge. Set regulation six stones hurled consecutively by single player; the best “run” becomes his score for the set.

Silver Birches Beaches:

Location of earlier tournaments. Approximately one half way around island in front of silver birches cottage. Large dock extending into lake facilitates Judging. A fine course, very Sporty.


A stone that never hits water.


Swedish for stone skip, as in smorgasbord, i.e. Sandwiches.


Danish word for stone skip.

Smutklubben AF 1948:

Founded in Copenhagen by Carl Weinholdt, world champion 1957 to 1976. Exclusive little smut club for stone skippers.

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Tellefson, U.S.N. (ret.), cmdr. E.m.:

The grand old man of stone skipping. His 17-skip stone at point aux pins in 1932 was remarkable for its time. Now retired, the commander opens the tournament annually with his traditional cry:
“let he who is without frisbee cast the first stone.”
This wording is the subject of great debate at the annual Winter rules Committee meeting. Purists prefer “him” but veteran stone skippers have labeled this ‘effete”

– U – top

Unicorns, Ltd. Conglomerate

(short form: “unicorn hunters):

Unicorn hunters:

The MISS&GC is a scion of this organization, Lake Superior state college founded and based, but worldwide in membership. Of which the woods-runner is the recognized official quarterly journal.

– W – top


Site of current tournament playoff and unofficial MISS&GC headquarters.  Windemere Park, part of Mr. Robert Doud’s Windemere hotel properties. Though Mr. Doud graciously allows the club to use his beach every year, he does not attend, preferring to follow play through high-powered spy glass from his hotel.
(He is reputed never in his entire life to have skipped a stone, either Privately, or Professionally)

Winter Rules Committee:

Meets annually at 11:30 a.m. On the day after thanksgiving (traditionally) in the upper room of the Detroit press club. Reservations and payment must be made in advance with the club. Any Club or group of stone skippers may send representatives, though only certified delegates may vote on “major agenda issues”.
All representatives may and do debate, talk, propose points, argue and drink and eat.


The unofficial quarterly journal of unicorn hunters and, ergo, the MISS&GC. Yearly subscriptions available, see Unicorns, Ltd. Conglomerate.

– Y –

Year of the smooth stone:

:see “golden year”