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Kurt ‘Mountain-Man’ Steiner sets New Guinness World Record of 88 skips

The Philosophers Stone

Some may pass through this life, without out a clue as to why they’re here. They swing the bat, tote that bail, and go to work in the big wheel of society. Few ever grasp the concept of perfect imperfection, but you can see it from the mountaintop.  An honest perspective that any “Mountain-man Philosopher” could have .    That is the exact vista of one such person, Kurt “Mountain-Man” Steiner,who recently set a new Guinness World Record for skipping a stone 88 times.

Whoa Daddy!  Yep Eighty-Eighty I say again.

MountainManThis feat he achieved on a reservoir in PA, Sept 6th 2013, and you can view his record skip including frame-by-frame counts at; It is true, Kurt is very much a philosopher, and that may have contributed to his record breaking mega-skip.   A recent documentary “Skips Stones For Fudge” [SSFF] illustrated a bit of the competition between Kurt and the two recent Guinness Record holders in this sport, Max “Top-Gun” Steiner [no relation] @65 skips and Russ “Rock-Bottom” Byars @51 skips.   Although Russ and Max both will tell you they prefer to just throw hard.

As one blogger put it ” Wow! Kurt found the perfect skipping stone and threw it away”. But Kurt advises, one thing you can see from a mountain top, is that there are lots of nearly perfect skipping stones all over the world.   Kurt plans to compete again in the Wilmer T. Rabe Pro-Invitational, held at the Mackinac Island Stone Skipping and Gerplunking Contest this 4th of July.    Many of the Pro’s are past Guinness record holders and no matter the conditions, they always hurl some amazing skips.

“Sean Stuart – Birch Creek Acre News”

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