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World of Stone Skipping

Stone Skipping in Print

  • Clanet, C., F. Hersen, and L. Bocquet.  Secrets of successful stone-skipping.  Nature, v. 427, Jan. 1, 2004: 29.
  • Hirano, Y., and K. Miura, Water impact accelerations of axially symmetric bodies.  Journal of spacecraft and rockets, v. 7, June 1970: 762-764.
  • Lorenz, R. D.  Spinning flight: dynamics of frisbees, boomerangs, samaras and skipping stones.  New York, Springer, 2006.  346 p.
  • Sandifer, Norene.  The art of rock skipping : how, where, and why to skip. Seattle, WA, Sasquath Books, c2004.  16p. + 1 stone. Back cover is a container holding “the perfect stone”

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