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Hello Stone Skippers!

Welcome to the Stone Skipping blog.

News and information changes as fast as as stone can skip these days. Our blog is a great place for the raving fans to share Events, News and Stories/Memories about the grand old sport of stone skipping.

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The High Commisioner of Stone Skipping 

3 Responses to “Hello Stone Skippers!”

  1. 2008 was the funnest event yet. Todd “Mussels” Callewaert was given the first choice of the stones I brought, “this will now be a yearly tradition” The water was hard to skip long ones on and the lighter stones were getting stalled. I was sitting with “Tree Top” and “Lefty” Kolar and opened my personal best stones to them, they accepted and it was on. I had a target on my back going in, and it was close the whole time, lots of 22’s. I now now why “Hard Luck” is called that. 2 submarines back to back. Winning this event has alot to do with luck. Competing against these caliper of Pro Stoneskippers is competing with the best in the world and predicting the outcome is impossible. Although competive this is the finest, funniest and nicest people you will ever come across and I feel Honored to be able to be a part of this. Thanks to everyone there, we had one of our best times ever..
    See you next year, or maybe at the Pa. State Championship Aug 23rd.
    P.S. Eric “The Voice” Steiner You are the best off the cuff roaster I have ever seen, that’s why I try and avoid you when you have a mike in hand.
    God Bless guys
    Russ “Rock Bottom” Byars

  2. Skippy says:

    Just wanna say …
    that Rock-Bottom Byar’s is the Tiger Woods of Stone Skipping, he rules the beaches.
    Seems he’s won ’bout 9 of the last 10 events he’s entered. There’s a reason he’s No. 1
    Congratulations to him again!

  3. John "Shillelagh" Kolar says:

    Just got a call from Bill Marshman [sp?] of Olympia Washington.
    Say’s he has many grandsons, who will rumble on the beaches at Mackinac, for the flatstone throw-down.
    Hope to see you boys there, and hope to introduce you to the world champion “Rock Bottom” Byars.

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